Recharge with the Cold:
​Get to Sleep Faster, Sleep D
eeper, wake up Recharged, and Burn Fat in Bed.

- Freeze Fit Solo Pack

- Logo Storage Bag Included

- 150g, Water Based, Non-Toxic, Dye Free, Biodegradable Cold Gel

- Made in Canada

- Designed & Assembled in Flagstaff, Arizona

Like everything in life, it's only expensive if you don't use it.

- 9,000 times easier than an ice bath


1 pack $20

3 pack $55 (save $5)

5 pack $59.50 (save $40.50!)



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cold therapy on the road

I lay in bed with this thing under my lower back at night - feels great. This is a solid cold pack for travel. A little pricey, but it's cool that it's made in canada / usa