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The JetPack: Make the Cold Your Secret Weapon



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The JetPack & CaveDude Leather Reminder Cuff (Laser Cut & Engraved in USA)

Retails for $74.50. This bundle saves you $10

- Logo Storage Bag Included

- JetPack Method booklet included

- Advanced Tactics booklet included

- 150g, Water Based, Biodegradable Cold Gel

- Made in Canada

- Designed & Assembled in Flagstaff, Arizona


9,000 times more powerful than a motivational quote.


(Leather colors will vary from a yellow brown to a chestnut brown, but all will age beautifully with use)

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JetPack & CaveDude Reminder Cuff

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Drinking the Koolaid!

I went all in and got the propack with reminder cuff. Love the caveman guy. The cuff is quality - took some work at first to get the fang through the slit but after wearing a few days its easier to take on and off. Ball chilling has been really good. it took a few days to get used to it but its been worth it. Definitely notice a difference. The advance tactics work too. Only drawback is that now I'm the weird guy trying to convince my friends to try this!