The JetPack: Make the Cold Your Secret Weapon


[Learn about the JetPack here]


- Storage Bag Included

- JetPack Method booklet included

- Advanced Tactics booklet included

- 150g, Water Based, Biodegradable Cold Gel

- Made in Canada

- Designed & Assembled in Flagstaff, Arizona


9,000 times more powerful than a motivational quote.



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The JetPack: Performance Enhancing Cold For Men.

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One problem

It works but now I’m all worked up and can’t get laid - lol

Damn good

Love it. I sleep better because it cools my body and I sleep better cooler.

This works

This is a solid approach to getting a dose of cold year round. I use this just about every night.

My new habit

When I heard about this I started using a cold pack from my freezer. Glad I got a Jetpack though! Much more comfortable fit and safe materials! Love that this makes it so easy to get some cold therapy. Love the boost. Using this 4 or 5 times a week

It works

Such a crazy idea but it works! Nice flexible shape and the cord adjust makes the fit even better. Ball chilling like a Boss

This is bananas

I already take cold showers but really glad I got this. Cold showers are good but this does something more & different. I like how I feel the day after chilling. The jetpack is so good I take it with me on business trips. Use the hotel mini fridge!

JetPack is crazy good

Kind of stunned by how much I’m feeling this right now! I'm addicted to chilling to the point where I don't want to miss more than a night or 2 in a row.